Business Areas

Solar Power

Along with an average number of sunny hours of over 1,800 hours/year, average radiation intensity from 4.5 to 5.6 kWh/m2/day, Vietnam is considered as one of the great potential countries for solar power development. Northwest provinces (Lai Chau, Son La), the number of sunshine hours is from 1897 to 2100 hours/year Provinces from Hue to the South, the number of sunshine hours is from 1900 to 2700 hours/year There are 3 factories in operation and it is expected to develop more factories in near future, TNPOWER is determined to make the most of this resource.

Wind Power

Thanks to the geographic advantage of more than 3,200km coastline located in the tropical monsoon area, Vietnam has great wind energy potential. According to statistics, 39% of Vietnam's territory has wind speeds of over 6m/s, equivalent to 513GW. Especially, 8% of the territory, equivalent to 112GW, is assessed as great wind energy potential. TNPOWER has been developing wind power projects in a variety of great potential provinces. It is expected that by the end of 2021, 02 wind power plants will be completed and put into commercial operation.

LNG Power

The reasons for TNPOWER's focus on LNG power are its advantages including power supply stability, nature independence, and reducing environmental impact. LNG power is one of the fields to realize TNPOWER's goal of 5,000MW by 2025.


The dense river system, with more than 2,200 rivers and streams, is a great potential for hydroelectricity development in our country. The system of rivers and streams is concentrated in the mountains of the North, South Central and Central Highlands, which is suitable for the development plan of hydroelectricity projects of TNPOWER and contributes significantly to the scale of Vietnam's electricity capacity.