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Frequency Converter Growatt smart energy solutions

Frequency Converter Growatt smart energy solutions.

The frequency converter is the central item in the Grohome solution, which combines the smart home with a solar power system with storage, electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS), and the Internet of Things (IoT). Energy to make the house smarter and more efficient.

"We have heard a lot about the smart home, but relatively few integrated solutions that are easily used are available on the market to far. Growatt's new inverter and GroHome is a real smart home assist and a pioneering solution for making houses energy-efficient and less energy reliant. Eckhart K. Gouras, CEO of PV Magazine, said external energy."

Growatt is awarded the New Generation Inverter PV Magazine 2020 Award

Growatt's new generation home inverter product MIN 2500-6000TL-XH has just been presented with the PV magazine 2020 prize, via research and production of new inverter technology products.

“The new award-winning inverter from Growatt is at the heart of GroHome's intelligent energy solution. It's the fundamental checkpad and the basis for consumers to extend their solar system in future into GroHome," said Frank Qiao, Growatt's Vice President.

First launched in Australia, this new generation inverter has achieved remarkable success with over 70,000 units in 2020. In addition, this intelligent inverter is provided. Provisioning in key markets including Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

Since its inception a decade ago, Growatt has been bringing innovations and new technology to its goods and solutions. The firm actively invests in research and development and employs over 400 engineers on its R&D staff. “With over a decade of expertise in the solar business, our staff understands what clients want as well as solar technological developments. As a result, our product developments are always warmly accepted by clients all around the world,” Mr. Qiao remarked.

Source: Reporter Magazine