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New buildings in Berlin must install solar power from 2023

New buildings in Berlin will be required to have at least 30% of their roof area installed with solar power systems under the new regulations, which go into effect in 2023.

Berlin's lower house of parliament has passed the Berlin solar law, which requires photovoltaic systems to be installed on all new buildings in the German capital beginning in 2023. This act's provisions apply to all new buildings as well as roof renovations on existing buildings with a usable area of more than 50m2.

At least 70% of the roof area must be covered by the solar power system. Other minimum requirements for residential buildings include: a 2Kw system for buildings with no more than two apartments, a 3Kw system for three to five apartments, and a 6Kw system for six to ten apartments.

The implementation of these new regulations will be aided by a PV deployment financing program run by Investitionsbank Berlin, which will provide grants and investment loans. If it is an apartment with one or two families, anyone who violates PV requirements faces a fine of up to €5,000. Fines for larger residential buildings can be up to €25,000, and fines for non-residential buildings can be up to €50,000.